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Electrical Services in Wollongong

Residential electrician Wollongong

What are the electrical services that the Wollongong-located Breadalbane Electrical Company’s electrician has on offer? How have we made our mark? Well, for starters, the electricians of Breadalbane Electrical engage in local or residential, and commercial, industrial electrical services in and around Wollongong.

And some of the services our Wollongong electricians take on are listed herein:

  • Our electricians install air-conditioners, its repairs and maintenance as determined
  • Our electricians carry out server room and network installations
  • Set up audio-visual units for both residential and commercial customers in and around Wollongong
  • Installing lights and lighting systems in your home or office
  • Setting up switches and switchboards in residential and commercial units
  • Residential cabling, new wiring and rewiring
  • Any electrical, mechanical repairs and services catering to industrial, Residential and commercial clients’ in Wollongong
  • Setting up smoke alarms, its regular service and maintenance undertaken by our electrician
  • Our electrician engages in data, communications, UPS installations, services and repairs
  • Attending to any electrical emergency, anywhere, be it at your house or office round-the-clock

Residential Electrician

And now that you are in the know, for steadfast electrical services, you do not have to look beyond the electricians of Breadalbane Electrical in Wollongong. Have any queries? Don’t you see an electrical service as part of our listed services? Then just touch base with Breadalbane Electrical at 0417 485 799 or drop a line to us at

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Breadalbane Electrical is a relatively new company, over a year old with service operations having begun in October 2016. Notwithstanding the newness of the company, the owner-operators experience is a rich 25 years and more and that too in a variety of electrical services gathered while working in the commercial, Residential, and industrial sectors.